Sewage plant Felsberg –
rehabilitation during service

between the 17th and 25th of June 2009 our SIVV certified technical staff rehabilitated the sewage plant of the city of Felsberg, with a surface area of approximately 500m2. What followed was a full-scale concrete rehabilitation of the outlet channel and the complete fabrication and installation of a runway heating system, a pronged sill and a scrum board. What was special about this: the whole building project was executed whilst keeping the plant in-service and without emptying the tank. Due to effective coordination of our special, pump-equipped vehicles, there was no downtime.

Felsberg vorher   Felsberg nachher
Concrete before restoration   Successful restoration of concrete and joins
Felsberg vorher   Felsberg nachher
Installation before restoration   New scraper runway, with heating
Felsberg nachher   Felsberg nachher
Our own water management system during restoration   New pronged sill and scrum board made of 1.4571

Brand new: Clear of ice – in the long run nearly for free

Clearly, a heated scraper runway simplifies the winter operation considerably. What is new about this is that the operating costs of such a heating system are next to nothing because one can dispense with external energy sources. Both pictures show this type of installation; last winter we undertook several extensive tests and the system proved itself superbly.

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